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Oct. 12th, 2007 @ 03:44 pm V.I.G.
Super Target 2340 is now open for business!!!!

Tuesday evening was cool and there was a biting wind. But the warmth of friends, family and co-workers took the cold away and made for a very enjoyable evening. Shortly before 5:00pm the team members exited the stores and our STL (Store Team Lead) made a little speech about the camaraderie of the old store, that over 100 original team members came back to work at the new store. We've put a lot of work into getting the store set, filled, shiny and presentable. About a week after the original store opened in 1987, Cindy St. John, was hired to work for Target 56. 30 years later, she's still here and is staying at Super Target 2340. 

We had a presentation of a donation to the Burnsville Library, one of our grant partners. The Mayor of Burnsville had a few words to say. Some of the children of our team members expressed their enthusiasm about entering the new store. "Can we go in yet?? Can we go in, yet??" ...  "10 minutes, Mommy!" ... " 5 minutes, Mommy" ... Some of us adults were getting impatient as well. Finally they rolled out a ribbon with bullseyes on it and Cindy took an enormous pair of red handled scissors and we opened offcially for business.

The evening itself was a celebration. Samples abounded from Damico & Sons Deli, our bakery, Starbucks, the Meat Department was cooking up Sutton & Dodge top sirloin on George Foreman grills, Produce had all sorts of fresh goodies. There was a great big cake with bullseyes all over it. Maps of the store. A string quartet played really lovely classical music. It was just a lovely fun way to tour the store, celebrate all of our hard work and celebrate the people closest to us, our families who had to put up with long hours away getting everything completed in time.  (okay, not me so much, I have no family here, but you get the idea).And in 5 hours of business on the "down low" we did $35,000. 

Sunday the 14th is our official Grand Opening. After 4 days of business our sales were in the top 100 in the entire company.  Our Bakery department, by itself, was 23 in the company. So we're expecting great things on Sunday. It was funny to be near the front doors as people walked in talking on their cellphones, "...Yeah, I'm inside Target. They're open!!" 

So do you think if I cut myself, I'll bleed bullseyes? I really enjoy working for Target ... and to think, it started out as a "something to do while I find a "real" job...heheheh
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