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It's Pronounced [heh-LAY-nuh]!

...just wanted to make that clear

21 August 1964
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I have ursulagoddess and angrybeaverclub to thank for their pleasantly relentless encouragement to start my own live journal. (But I still refuse to own a cellphone...hee)

Born and raised in San Francisco, California. Have also lived in Las Vegas and Oklahoma City. Moved to Minnesota because I said YES, then the glass slipper broke. Decided to stay in Minnesota because, and this comes as a surprise to those who know me from the "old days" when I was a corporate geek in SF, I enjoy the people, the less frenetic pace, the change of seasons, the low cost of living, the MINNESOTA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL and, of course, NO TAX ON CLOTHING. Own a silver Honda CRV named "CASPER, The Friendly CRV." (And, yes, the license plate is CASPER). Was adopted by a cat soon after I moved to St Paul in November 2005. His name is Maceo (muh-SAY-oh) which is Italian for "God's Gift" and, boy, is he ever. Have two sisters in San Francisco and extended family on multiple continents. Grew up Irish and German, then my Dad told me I was adopted, then after my parents left the confines of this Earth my original birth records surfaced and I found out I was at least half Italian (which explains my love of opera, it's genetic!), don't know about the other half and who knows if I ever will. Guess that's about it in a nutshell...WOW! 42 years compressed into a single paragraph. If you want to know more, check out my interests :-)